Friday, October 31, 2014

Prahran Maket

Didn't realise Prahran Market has been around for 150 yrs, I only stumbled upon it while looking for a joint to brunch. It's very similar to Vic Market and South Melbourne Market. It's just more high end, with their extra special organic variety and price, poultry, fish and pre made meals. 
They offer a variety of food and drinks here, this is what we tried:

Anatolia Gozleme Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Anatolia Gozleme Kitchen is a place to find some authentic Turkish hand made bread known as "Gozleme". We tried their "lamb and spinach borek" ($5) and thought the bread was pretty good but the filling wasn't so special. Overall this was just bland and boring, I thought some sauce would go down well with this but the lady didn't recommend any. Again maybe I'm not use to eating Turkish food, so this is just my personal thoughts on this dish, maybe their other variety would have tasted much better. 
Mr Bratwurst makes the best hot dogs!!! I really loved it, we had the spicy hungarian beef sausage with extra grilled onion and cheese. It was $7.50, but with the extras we paid $8.50, it was worth it. 

You see that orange drink is from the stall next to this place, it was carrot, ginger and orange, made for detoxing, tasted weird but drinkable ($6, I don't recommend if you hate ginger).

 Mussel Pot on Urbanspoon

The mussel pot has got some awesome reviews, but on the day we had these spicy mussels with bread ($10! yep great price for some hot mussels) the sauce that it was cooked in was very salty, maybe my palate isn't into salty food, but seriously they were very salty that day, hopefully when we try them next time it'll be better. 
 This guy has won some awards for selling mushrooms, his variety is vast, so if you are a mushroom fan, give him a visit, I'm sure you'll find something you like

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