Monday, October 13, 2014

Chef Lagenda

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  • It was a catch up with my long lost female companions hehehe, and we chose to eat at Chef Lagenda as we all agreed this place was close to home and its overall menu is delicious.

I’ve tasted their Malay Chilli Crab and its a must try if you have never had it, its above average, but unfortunately we didn’t order this that night when I brought my camera - no photo :(
Their range of herbal soup isn’t too bad as well. Service is not going to be pleasant if they are busy, I've been served by great waiters however on the odd occasions there can be unfriendly ones too. 

Lets get into the dishes we ordered:

 Roti with peanut sweet satay sauce
 Hainanese Chicken on Rice

 Combination Fried Flat Rice Noodle - Shrimp, calamari, fishcake, pork, veggies with oyster sauce
Spicy Chilli Chicken + side of Coconut rice

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