Friday, August 29, 2014


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must try ice cream... don't be discouraged by the long line, it's fairly steady, before you could even decide on what you want, you're already at the counter.
They have specials on every week and original flavours, we had caramel, hazelnut, lychee, coconut, chocolate, white chocolate, fudge, apple pie flavoured ice cream. And here I thought I found the ultimate ice cream when I saw Nutella Ferrero Rocher ice cream in Williams Town beach many years ago.
Must try ice cream, and my favourite flavour was lychee and coconut! 


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Another Melbourne hidden gem, I must thank my friends for taking me out that night. The ambiance is very unique like a large shed with high ceilings and long hanging lights with a bar and bikes. 
Food was overall very good and not over priced. I see people complaining about the slow service, untrue to my experience, the food came out fairly quick that night.
Fresh cut chips, garlic aioli - $9: was good but I forgot to take a photo of it, I think its one of their most popular dishes. 
Spicy chicken wing, ranch sauce - $15: like Nando's Chicken but saltier
Special beetroot pumpkin salad: the pumpkin and beetroot was really sweet with that extra cheese ... yummy
Chilli, tomato, mussels - $19.50: I LOVED IT!
 Pizza: mushroom, onion, rocket, Gorgonzola - $17: This was an okay pizza, my friends all liked it

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo Black Rain Boots

black hat | TEMT crop top | Forever New tights | Black Rivet real leather jacket | Ojay Coat | Black Salvatore Ferragamo Rain Boots | Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

I found another good eBay seller: SHOPITLA (trust worthy with 100% rating from the USA)!

Just wanted to show off my Salvatore Ferragamo Black Rubber Rain Riding Knee High Boots for under $140 AUD (+ shipping) from SHOPITLA.  It took a lot of convincing from some fashionista friends for me to even consider paying this much for gumboots... oh and Melbourne's PMS weather also helped trigger this buy; it can go from sunny to pouring rain in an instance here.

Brand new Salvatore Ferragamo Rain Boots is about $399USD, so yes I consider this purchase a bargain - some of my friends have paid over $100 for Melissa boots.

When my grannies and parents saw me in these and said "are you going fishing or farming?" LOL... I replied it's style! Oh wells beauty is in the beholder and I am happy with my purchase cause it was literally brand new (sample pair made in Italy) with bag in my size (size 5AU) - which fits me comfortably.
The rubber black material is true to it's description but I love how people mistaken it for real leather boots.

Can you guess what was the most expensive thing I wore? Ralph Lauren polarised Sunglasses - It was a splurge because I rarely buy anything at full price but due to some UV and skin cancer commercial it urged me to actually go and get a new pair to replace my old broken Coach ones (which I accidentally sat on a year ago).
With glasses wear experience, I don't think I can buy a pair without trying it on. I have a small asian head with a low bridge nose, so its tough finding something that fits comfortably without falling off. I would compromise comfort over style in this department.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Green Tea Kit Kat

I'm addicted to this! Green tea Kit Kat is a Japanese flavoured Kit Kat (made in Japan). They sell a packet of 12 minis for about $7AUD in Australia, but in Japan it's cheaper.

The green tea that is sold here doesn't taste as powerful as the green tea Kit Kat originally brought  from Japan, original green tea flavour from Japan taste more creamier, smoother, thicker and stronger, with hint of bitterness. Either way if you really want to try this, they do sell this in a packet of 12 minis in some Asian groceries, I got mine in Point Cook, some where in Highpoint shopping centre and China Town groceries do sell this.

This is a must try if you love everything green tea or Kit Kat or Both. There are a lot of unique flavours sold in Japan but I haven't had the chance to try it yet... maybe one day.

The box below was a gift from a friend who had recently came back from Japan, it contained 10 small boxes with 3 mini packets within each box. So you get 30 mini packets for about $15AUD (cheaper then here). She said it wasn't easy to find in Japan, only sold in Airports and Pharmacies I think.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Tao Kae Noi My Favourite Substitute for Chips

I have found the best substitute snack for chips, it's called 'Tao Kae Noi'. Tao Kae Noi is a Thai dried seaweed snack, it comes in the flat and rolled form of crispy seaweed. It comes in many flavours such as sweet, salty and chilli with a hint of seafood taste. If you hate seaweed or sushi you'll hate this (my seafood hating friends have informed me they hate this too because it's too strong for their likings).
I don't have a clue about the nutrition value and sodium content in this, but if you do have renal failure, an allergy to seafood or special diet don't try this at all, as its very high in flavour and MSG.

This can be incorporated into rice or used in making seaweed soup as it is very flavoursome, but I love it as is - just seaweed chips.

these are the original hot chilli sheets I regular buy, its easier to get my hands on then the big rolls you see below. This regular packet of seaweed in my opinion is more healthier and tastier than chips from the grocery stores, it is very light, crispy and savoury with some spice. 

I love this a lot when I'm bored and have no snack at home, this is my craving. Price wise these aren't as cheap as chips because the above packet cost nearly $3 and below box was nearly $6 (for 12 stick sachets). 

These are big rolls, at my local Asian groceries I usually see it in 2 flavours, original or spicy grilled squid (my favourite). It comes in a long thin halo strip, like a large thin sheet of paper thats been rolled around and dried. This is crunchier and crispier then the packet from above. This flavour is very strong, sweet and spicy so you could choke on it if not swallowed properly - I still love it

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Royal Blue

I was attending "The 8th International Convention of the Vietnamese Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists of the Free World In 2014 Melbourne - Gala night" and wore this outfit for the night.
It was a night where Vietnamese health professionals and friends alike came together to celebrate their achievements, fun but the food wasn't good as I was waiting for 2 hours for food. The event was held at the Pullman Hotel in Albert park, this venue was beautiful over looking the lake and city, it was a 5 degree night with rainfall which made it all so more magnificent.

I would have titled this post differently, but stuck with the fancier name "Royal Blue", or else this would have been called "Something Recycled", as I have worn this dress over 4 times since 2012 heheheh.
I've worn this to 3 weddings and now this Gala, it was custom made from China. Inspiration came from Elie Saab and Carla Zampatti designs, I mixed and matched textures, materials and their designs to come up with this piece.


Dress: Royal blue with embellishments, high side cut dress (made in China, and after wearing it over 4 times I think it was worth every penny, I did pay about $250AUD with shipping for it). So sometimes asking around, seeing what you like and negotiating with a trusted Chinese company may not be too bad after all. I've had my fair share of bad experiences with Chinese sellers. Though I've said it was custom made to fit, I still had my mum alter the bust and length to fit better.

Accessories: "Love Bracelet" inspired by Cartier, and the Gold Chain belt is actually the bag strap detached from my vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag which I always carry around hehehehe

Heels: Windsor Smith black thin sandal strap front with a golden heel - which was on sale for $25AUD as this was the only size 5US left in store

The main colour was Royal Blue to this outfit and my accent colour was gold, though blue is a cool colour and gold is more of a warm tone, in my opinion it collaborated very harmoniously.

Tip: Don't be afraid to match cool and warm tones as this could give great contrast, and accessories such as belts could just come off a detachable bag strap, so seek and you shall find.

this pink gown has also been warn over 4 times, that's my twin sister in the pink! we look alike?

this is the detachable gold chain strap from my Salvatore Ferragamo bag 

food of the night (it didn't taste good and we were waiting over 2 hrs for it): lobster on egg noodles, snapper, fried rice, pecking duck and crab claws (full of flour, no real crab meat). 

Sunday, August 10, 2014


Nandos is not a cheap fast food joint, they consider themselves more of a restaurant, but the service is just like a fast pace takeaway place with a South American feel to it with all the colour schemes, decor and music.

I love portuguese flame grilled peri peri chicken at Nandos, or anything thats HOT at Nando's. Their peri peri salt on fries are great too. My favourite use to be the wings, but they have obviously taken that off the menu hence the next best thing I would eat regularly here are chicken ribs... 8 Churrasco BBQ Ribs for $8.95! This in a Meal is even more expensive, which makes these small ribs equate to >$1 a rib - rip-off! But because I love the formula, flavours and sauce I always make my return.

See due to the expensive menu, the Chicken wings which I loved was included in the Kids menu, so I did save a few dollars when I ordered the kids meals which included two sides (drink and chips) as well. But as I have mentioned, it is no longer on the menu. If I could give them some feedback I would tell them to bring back the chicken wings.

They have a variety of sauces for the chickens, from lemon and herb to extra hot.

Their coleslaw is under average, but I do recommend the garden salad ($8.95!) which include balsamic vinegar sachets on the side, add as much or as little as you want.

I was sharing with 8 people so I ordered a  whole chicken in a meal, because it worked out cheaper (and I get to eat some wings here). I have no Picture of ribs but its the same colour but in rip form. The chicken is grilled hence it could get charred in some areas. 

Peri Peri chips - its normal fries with the peri peri salt (which makes it even better in my opinion)

Graden salad with Balsamic vinegar

Friday, August 8, 2014

Cupcake Central

In no means am I stating that these are the best cupcakes in the world, but this is definitely my favourite cupcake place in Melbourne thus far (its even better then Cupcakes By Paolo which I was pretty impresses with).

This place has the perfect bite size cupcakes and an abundant of flavours to chose from. I don't have a favourite flavour, all has been very good, the texture and moisture is perfect. They even have special flavours only on particular days of the week. If you are vegan or have a special diet, they might have something just for you.

And as for discounts, they have coupons inside the Melbourne Entertainment Book ... buy one get one free - or something like that. Sometimes they have online coupon code or specials as well.

Besides the yumminess, I love their packaging, logos and store decor. Yep this place is certainly in my good books

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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Red Black Lace

It is another winter work date in Melbourne, this is another OOTD: 

        H&M navy fitted coat - surprising this was only $40 AUD (not on sale), it's warm and versatile 
        H&M black lace long sleeve dress - due to the shortness of this mini dress I thought it was 
        inappropriate for office work, hence the red skirt elongated the whole outfit making it more
        suitable in length 

        Fitted red pencil skirt - bought at the night market in Vietnam, it seemed comfortable enough for
        work, and I didn't want to spend too much on a colour that I wouldn't wear everyday. 
        Inexpensively comfortable.

        Salvatore Ferragamo Patent black

        Another inexpensive item at the night market in Vietnam. This was under $10AUD... they are
        very comfortable for a pair of patent maroon loafer styled heels, and I love the quilted diamond 
        or herringbone pattern stitch at the front because it makes the pair look more sophisticated 

        Burberry prescription eyeglasses bought over 2 years ago, still good heheh

TIP: got a mini/ short dress? and don't know what to do with it, pair it with a midi skirt and wahla, you got yourself a longer outfit without alterations