Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Royal Blue

I was attending "The 8th International Convention of the Vietnamese Physicians, Dentists and Pharmacists of the Free World In 2014 Melbourne - Gala night" and wore this outfit for the night.
It was a night where Vietnamese health professionals and friends alike came together to celebrate their achievements, fun but the food wasn't good as I was waiting for 2 hours for food. The event was held at the Pullman Hotel in Albert park, this venue was beautiful over looking the lake and city, it was a 5 degree night with rainfall which made it all so more magnificent.

I would have titled this post differently, but stuck with the fancier name "Royal Blue", or else this would have been called "Something Recycled", as I have worn this dress over 4 times since 2012 heheheh.
I've worn this to 3 weddings and now this Gala, it was custom made from China. Inspiration came from Elie Saab and Carla Zampatti designs, I mixed and matched textures, materials and their designs to come up with this piece.


Dress: Royal blue with embellishments, high side cut dress (made in China, and after wearing it over 4 times I think it was worth every penny, I did pay about $250AUD with shipping for it). So sometimes asking around, seeing what you like and negotiating with a trusted Chinese company may not be too bad after all. I've had my fair share of bad experiences with Chinese sellers. Though I've said it was custom made to fit, I still had my mum alter the bust and length to fit better.

Accessories: "Love Bracelet" inspired by Cartier, and the Gold Chain belt is actually the bag strap detached from my vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag which I always carry around hehehehe

Heels: Windsor Smith black thin sandal strap front with a golden heel - which was on sale for $25AUD as this was the only size 5US left in store

The main colour was Royal Blue to this outfit and my accent colour was gold, though blue is a cool colour and gold is more of a warm tone, in my opinion it collaborated very harmoniously.

Tip: Don't be afraid to match cool and warm tones as this could give great contrast, and accessories such as belts could just come off a detachable bag strap, so seek and you shall find.

this pink gown has also been warn over 4 times, that's my twin sister in the pink! we look alike?

this is the detachable gold chain strap from my Salvatore Ferragamo bag 

food of the night (it didn't taste good and we were waiting over 2 hrs for it): lobster on egg noodles, snapper, fried rice, pecking duck and crab claws (full of flour, no real crab meat). 

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