Friday, May 9, 2014

Happy Mother's Day Mum!

What’s the most beautiful word in the World?

Mother's Day is coming and what better way to show my appreciation of my inspiration which is my wonderful Mother? then to show it off here on one of my post. There is no word to describe my love, thankfulness and appreciation I have towards her, so I guess I have to embarrass her today by showing off her styles when she was my age (in her twenties).

I loved what she wore in most of her photos as it showed her personality and skills, all of what she's wearing was made by her (except for jeans she wore). Mum's been a seamstress since she was 18 yrs old, she is very competent in a lot of kills especially sewing, and cooking of course.

I hope Mum wasn't bear foot here, but what the heck its the 80's no shoes were in style and still is today. I loved her simple casual look: black tank and blue high waisted jeans with a belt ... she wouldn't have worn ripped jeans in those day, back in our mother land ripped clothing was a sign of poverty lol. Look at us now, ripping up stuff so that we're "in style". I never remembered mum wearing her brown jade bangles but I would love to own one myself. 

similar outfit as the previous picture, but with sandals on and posing on a Honda "Dream", great flash back of when she could actually drive this so called "beast" with our whole family on it (4 passengers was the norm with no helmet). Mums hat not only gave her some shade it also made her look more feminine. 

the same tank with lighter jeans, untucked

location: old Saigon Airport Carpark. 
I think when you're a country bumpkin and you get the opportunity to travel into the city you make the most of it, like my mum, this is what she would call "dressing up" wearing her traditional "ao dai" (Long Dress) was a privilege. 

Can you spot the combi-van? 

another dress she made, its made of gold thread textiles on black and sheer net material to give the illusion of covering up but also exposing some skin. Top part looked pretty good until she integrated her white heels with white stockings, I guess looking white was a sign of wealth so she tried making her legs look whiter by wearing white sheer stockings.  

this is patterned from top to pants, she did a great mix up of large bold prints with small prints. Looking casual as usual with her aviators and flats and a white flap bag. I love this picture! I would actually wear that this summer if she still had it in her closet, lose boxy tops are back on trend.

more patterned textiled ao dai. I still can't over some of her hairstyles, some looked pretty awesome some just looked so old school especially with her poofy hair.

they called this lake of "romance", its where lovers would seek to be bitten by mosquitos lol, there are a lot of mosquitos in Vietnam (day/night). Jokes aside, I think my dad was also into his strips, and fully deep v-neck line shirts. Mum looked so cute in her own 3/4 red patterned jumpsuit design.

I really hope Mum doesn't find this post embarrassing, I posted these up because I loved her styles and olden day photographs so much. I remember seeing heaps more old photos of mum but I don't know where they've gone. My parents were separated for about 5 yrs because my Dad immigrated to escape the hardship of an over powering unfair government, so during the time he was stuck in limbo before getting accepted into Australia, my Mum would regularly send him photos of herself, my twin sister and I just in case he missed us, cause telecommunications back in days was very expensive. So I am very thankful for that we are all reunited in such a blessed country and for everything I have today.... THANK YOU MUM, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, LOVE YOU XOXOX

Friday, May 2, 2014

What to wear on a lazy day out?

Going somewhere casual? 
This is what my cousin wore to a friends place, something cropped with prints and keeping things simple, she added a sweater or jumper and tights to keep warm and comfortable.

TOP: Kenzo embroidered tiger head sweatshirt, oversized white woollen cardigan (from the street market of China)
Bottom: H&M girls grey tights -  these are meant for girls but it seemed to fit me and they were on special for about $5 heheh so I got them