Sunday, July 27, 2014

Boxy Winter

My weekend doesn't start until Saturday noon, seeing as I still work from 9am-1pm every week. To compansate for looking professional on week days, I mix my Saturday attire to look more laid back and comfortable. It's not obvious but Melbourne is currently averaging 10 degrees Celsius during the day so keeping warm is my absolute priority.

  • H&M wool oversized boxy coat - XS in size but it looks huge on me, though the armpits fit perfectly. I love this coat because its warm, comfortably fitted and the patterned lining inside looks so sophisticated. It was on special for $33AUD at Malaysia's H&M autumn winter 2013 collection sale
  • White oversized button up knit sweater was an item I got at a night market in China back in 2008, the weather was getting cold and I needed something cheap and quick so I got it for about $5
  • Temt loosely fitted sleeveless turtleneck top was from my mums wardrobe, again keeping me warm, comfortable and presentable for half a day of weekend work. 
  • Forever 21 high waisted ankle trouser - I got this on sale in Malaysia for about $10AUD, though it's a little loose I don't mind, it never fell off and the length was just right so I didn't have to alter it. I've never had to iron these pants which is a double plus in my books. 
  • Massimo Dutti black patent contrast leather flats - I love these shoes cause they had it in my size (35) and once I broke into them, they are very comfortable to walk in, can easily be paired with a lot of styles. I like the tassels, cow leather and horse hair contrast because they compliment well with each other, giving it some texture on top of all this dull black. 
  • Salvatore Ferragamo black vintage leather bag on gold chain - simple and versatile, this is my go to bag when I'm in need of a small cross body or shoulder bag, I won this a few years back on eBay for about $120AUD with shipping, and haven't regretted this buy :)

Saturday, July 26, 2014


As a teenager this is how my cousin wears black and white - keeping in her comfort zone with the high top sneakers, flawy oversized sweater and flirty mini skirt, to complete this look without looking monotonous she added a white button up embroidered collar blouse

OOTD: white embroidered collar blouse, oversized black button up knit sweater, H&M Circular Skirtpolka dot stockings, Streetpop high top black sneakers by Naughty Monkey

Sunday, July 20, 2014


Hi everyone

I’ve recently decided to post something again, since all my studies have finally finished. This is a food post on the new “ROTI ROAD” Malaysian Chinese restaurant, which I have returned on several occasions.


Typically this is what we usually order:

Roti Canai - $5.90
These roti sheets are made in front of us so I guess they are freshly home made accompanied by three dipping sauce – curry sauce, dal, sambal.
I must admit I’m not a curry fan but this dish is a good introduction to Malaysian Indian cuisine.

Tom Yum Soup – we ordered for a table of 10, unsure how this was calculated; on the menu it states, “Serves two - $11.90”
I’ve had my fair share of tom yum soup, this had all the right ingredients but "it" compared to others I’ve had was ordinary. A little on the salty side, non the less this is my go to soup cause its got a sour savory taste which does help with my digestion for the upcoming dishes.

Satay Chicken - $9 for 6 skewers.
Another good entrée, chicken was smoky and went well with the amazing sweet peanuty satay sauce

the chefs doing their thing.

Traditional Three Coloured Milk Tea - $4.50
I am not a coffee drinker, so I wouldn’t know how to judge this one but it was recommended by my partner and he seemed to have liked it. I hate the bitterness in coffee, but this was weak with a hint of creamy cold sweetness, which wasn’t too bad to quench my thirst (water would have done the same for free).

Rendang Beef - $19.80
By this time I was getting full and seeing curry wasn’t appetizing, I had a piece and that was that. It doesn’t hurt to try but too much meat and curry mixed together isn’t what I personally would order for myself. If you are a heavy beef curry lover you might enjoy this dish.

Fried Chicken Berempah - $16.80
Got kids tagging along? If you like fried chicken this is yummy, the coating outside is salty crispy with tender unboned chicken inside (like KFC wicked wings but with different seasoning).

Belacan Kangkung - $14.80
This is water spinach stir fried in shrimp paste. This was over cooked which made the spinach too wet and soggy, and there was an overdoes on flavoring hence the overpowering saltiness.  I usually love this dish cause it's crunchy and refreshing with the minimal seafood aroma left behind in the mouth, but all was overdone that night. Lets hope it taste better next time, or maybe this is how Roti Road make this dish?

Honey Pepper Lamb Cutlets - $28.90 (don’t remember how many pieces)
All the right flavouring in my mouth, the bomb! Loved it, spicy sweet and salty at the same time which was well balanced out by white rice and steamed broccoli.

Banana Fritter with Ice Cream -  $7.50
My mum does some great fried bananas, but to compensate for not eating at home this was a good substitute, however for this price try the Roti Tisu (cause I don’t know many who can make this at home)

Roti Tisu -$9.90
This is thin crispy fried roti lightly coated with condensed milk and dusted with sugar. YUMMY! I could finish this whole thing myself even after having that much food, the portion looks huge but its deceiving to the eyes cause it’s like a thin upside cone of flour filled with nothing inside. It was not overly sweet because the bland thin crispy roti complimented well with the condense milk and sugar then dipped in the cold creamy ice cream it worked out just right.

If you live in the western suburbs of Melbourne and love Mamak or Chef Lagenda, give this place a visit, it’s new and the fresh roti is like no other.  Highly recommended. I’ve visited Malaysia many times and have taken a few local Malaysians here, we all love the food and services here (quick, friendly and efficient).

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