Friday, October 31, 2014

Prahran Maket

Didn't realise Prahran Market has been around for 150 yrs, I only stumbled upon it while looking for a joint to brunch. It's very similar to Vic Market and South Melbourne Market. It's just more high end, with their extra special organic variety and price, poultry, fish and pre made meals. 
They offer a variety of food and drinks here, this is what we tried:

Anatolia Gozleme Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Anatolia Gozleme Kitchen is a place to find some authentic Turkish hand made bread known as "Gozleme". We tried their "lamb and spinach borek" ($5) and thought the bread was pretty good but the filling wasn't so special. Overall this was just bland and boring, I thought some sauce would go down well with this but the lady didn't recommend any. Again maybe I'm not use to eating Turkish food, so this is just my personal thoughts on this dish, maybe their other variety would have tasted much better. 
Mr Bratwurst makes the best hot dogs!!! I really loved it, we had the spicy hungarian beef sausage with extra grilled onion and cheese. It was $7.50, but with the extras we paid $8.50, it was worth it. 

You see that orange drink is from the stall next to this place, it was carrot, ginger and orange, made for detoxing, tasted weird but drinkable ($6, I don't recommend if you hate ginger).

 Mussel Pot on Urbanspoon

The mussel pot has got some awesome reviews, but on the day we had these spicy mussels with bread ($10! yep great price for some hot mussels) the sauce that it was cooked in was very salty, maybe my palate isn't into salty food, but seriously they were very salty that day, hopefully when we try them next time it'll be better. 
 This guy has won some awards for selling mushrooms, his variety is vast, so if you are a mushroom fan, give him a visit, I'm sure you'll find something you like

Gold Leaf (Sunshine)

Gold Leaf on Urbanspoon

Gold leaf is the place to eat if you want authentic Chinese, they offer Yum Cha brunch and large functions too (Banquet style). I've been to most Gold Leaf from Docklands to Springvale, to their all you can eat hot pot and here (they are scattered all over Melbourne), I must admit they do rarely go wrong. Everything I've tried has been just right, and your pocket would be happy here too, they don't overcharge. 
I think dishes below are from their banquet menu, and dessert and fruit were all inclusive, I'm not quiet sure because this was an invite only 1st birthday party. 
Staff do sound rude but thats because of their Asian background, their strong broken English can come out wrong, just look through that and you'll enjoy it more here. They all have proper uniform, the place looks nice and clean, and well decked out to suit with the Chinese red and gold lucky coloured theme. 
 cold entree: duck feet (YUM!), jelly fish, pork, octopus and salted beef (this was a lil salty)
 XO Oysters & Ginger Oysters
 Ginger Crab on Egg Noodle
 Whole Fish Steamed in Special Soya Sauce
Ask for rice anytime, as the dishes below all can be enjoyed with rice
 Fried Chicken, this is better then KFC, kids will devour it in a jiffy
 Clay Pot: tofu, mushroom, veggies, octopus, fish
Stir Fried Beans and Beef


N&M Pattern Printed Top | H&M Black Asymmetric Skirt | Nine West Zelexa Wedges

Another work OOTD. I tend to find a lot of clothing from overseas  as it fits me well and they always have my size (especially Asia, or USA cause only a minority is petite there)
The brand N&M is based in Vietnam, their designs are very simple and great for the working environment hence I tend to visit every time I return. The top I'm wearing was about $15AUD, which is a little pricey when converted to VND, but again its a staple item in my wardrobe for those warmer days in Melbourne and I've warned it for the past 2 years. 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Beastie Boy Crop Top | Material Girl Mesh Shorts | TOMS Canvas Shoes

I have no idea who the Beastie Boys are but my cousin likes her crop, hence I got this $4 top for her. Crop is her thing, well if you can pull it off, it could be your thing too, since summer is coming it'll make a great addition to the summer wardrobe.
These shorts are of faux leather mesh material, seems comfy enough with its sporty style.
Keeping it simple she added her TOMS then off she went, on another outing

Ing Doi

Ing Doi Thai Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Here is the place to eat if you have never tried Thai food, there is a huge variety and it's very authentic. This place sits well on my taste buds and for $35pp all you can eat how can anyone resist? This place looks like an old cottage house next to a pub on Victoria street, it could easily be missed so if you find yourself in Richmond you are way too far.
I’ve been here many times and its mostly hits with rare misses. They offer menu orders, takeaway and all you can eat. Ing Doi all you can eat sessions are at 6pm and 8pm (2 hour intervals). Their menus don’t differ between single or all you can eat orders, everyone can enjoy everything on the menu with no restrictions, however all you can eat portions are smaller then when you order each individual dish. There is a catch, if you order too much and can’t finish your food; there is a penalty price for all you can eat leftovers.
Food are mostly spicy but not overwhelming, with salads you get to chose how spicy you want it to be, drinks and desserts are all inclusive in the all you can eat price. I didn't take any drink photos but you must try their Thai milk tea, order it in a jug to share, we always go through multiple jugs at one session. You'll find that Thai's love their sauce so there is a different sauce for each individual dish (thats effort). 
Staffs here are friendly but things can get hectic and messy so your dishes may stray to another table without you noticing, keep calm you’ll get your right order.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup: Spicy lemon glass soup filled with mushroom and seafood
Beef Salad: Thinly sliced charbroiled steak,onion and fresh roasted garlic on a bed of lettuce in spicy lime dressing
 Papaya Salad: Shredded green papaya topped with spicy garlic,lime juice, peas with/without added salted crabs (this give it the extra pungent taste, which some can't handle, but I love it). Your choice of having it Hot, moderate or mildly spicy. 
 Fried Spicy Chicken + Sauce. Kids will like this and theres no chilli in it. 
BBQ Pork + Sauce (sweet but nice)
Spring Rolls + Sauce
Fish Cake + Sauce. This is spicy so beware
Pad Thai: A traditional staple made with rice noodles, bean spouts, green onions and grounded peanut.
Crab in Curry Sauce with Veggies
Steamed Rice in a nice bowl. Fried rice is also on the menu but I forgot to take a photo of that. 
Fried Chicken on a Stick + Peanut Sauce
Green Curry
Crispy fried fish with special veggie sauce, this was delicious too.
 Banana in sticky rice + ice cream, this is everyones favourite dessert in my household. 
 Assorted Ice Cream
Fried Banana with Ice Cream

Friday, October 24, 2014


H&M Black Boyfriend Blazer | H&M Black Cuffed Tapered Trousers | Mango Sleeveless Turtleneck Top | Nine West Zelexa Black Wedges | Tiffany Beaded Bracelet | Gold Love Bangle | "H" Brown leather belt

OOTD: my agenda at work is comfort and to me that's usually pants and shirt. On the random days when I don't want to pair my usual dress shirt tucked under my trousers I would pick out something like this sleeveless turtleneck top from my Mum's 90s' wardrobe to mix things up. To hide all my bonny parts I threw on this boyfriend blazer which makes it more work appropriate. 

TIP: Mix things up with old and new items, or ravage through your family's closets, your outfit may turn out okay. It's like going thrifting but in your own home.