Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ing Doi

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Here is the place to eat if you have never tried Thai food, there is a huge variety and it's very authentic. This place sits well on my taste buds and for $35pp all you can eat how can anyone resist? This place looks like an old cottage house next to a pub on Victoria street, it could easily be missed so if you find yourself in Richmond you are way too far.
I’ve been here many times and its mostly hits with rare misses. They offer menu orders, takeaway and all you can eat. Ing Doi all you can eat sessions are at 6pm and 8pm (2 hour intervals). Their menus don’t differ between single or all you can eat orders, everyone can enjoy everything on the menu with no restrictions, however all you can eat portions are smaller then when you order each individual dish. There is a catch, if you order too much and can’t finish your food; there is a penalty price for all you can eat leftovers.
Food are mostly spicy but not overwhelming, with salads you get to chose how spicy you want it to be, drinks and desserts are all inclusive in the all you can eat price. I didn't take any drink photos but you must try their Thai milk tea, order it in a jug to share, we always go through multiple jugs at one session. You'll find that Thai's love their sauce so there is a different sauce for each individual dish (thats effort). 
Staffs here are friendly but things can get hectic and messy so your dishes may stray to another table without you noticing, keep calm you’ll get your right order.

Seafood Tom Yum Soup: Spicy lemon glass soup filled with mushroom and seafood
Beef Salad: Thinly sliced charbroiled steak,onion and fresh roasted garlic on a bed of lettuce in spicy lime dressing
 Papaya Salad: Shredded green papaya topped with spicy garlic,lime juice, peas with/without added salted crabs (this give it the extra pungent taste, which some can't handle, but I love it). Your choice of having it Hot, moderate or mildly spicy. 
 Fried Spicy Chicken + Sauce. Kids will like this and theres no chilli in it. 
BBQ Pork + Sauce (sweet but nice)
Spring Rolls + Sauce
Fish Cake + Sauce. This is spicy so beware
Pad Thai: A traditional staple made with rice noodles, bean spouts, green onions and grounded peanut.
Crab in Curry Sauce with Veggies
Steamed Rice in a nice bowl. Fried rice is also on the menu but I forgot to take a photo of that. 
Fried Chicken on a Stick + Peanut Sauce
Green Curry
Crispy fried fish with special veggie sauce, this was delicious too.
 Banana in sticky rice + ice cream, this is everyones favourite dessert in my household. 
 Assorted Ice Cream
Fried Banana with Ice Cream

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