Monday, October 6, 2014

Adriano Zumbo Pâtissier

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This is no ordinary bakery; it's fancy with mirrored walls, LED lights and lots of colourful desserts and pastries. I am not a fan of sweets nor do I know how to bake, lets just say this is a must visit try out joint. The creativity is all there but taste wise if you asked me to compare "Bread Top" and "Adriano Zumbo" - I would say they both taste good in their own ways. 
Individual Pars the Strawberry Gran - Strawberry and white chocolate mousse, parsley gel, strawberry frangipane and granola ($9). This tasted like a flan tart jelly soft mixture with crunchy nuts and a pastry base, some may like the texture but personally I don’t like soft food

Tart Aux Fruit De La Passion ($6). This has the same texture as described in the Strawberry Gran however just more sour with the passion fruit and its nutless (no crunch).

Zonut flavours change weekly ($5). 
This week's Zonut! Injected with refreshing lemon custard (creamy and sour) topped with blueberry marshmallows. Sour and sweet complimented well, but I don’t recommend eating any pastry that’s been left over night, it tasted chewy the day after.

Zumbarons Assorted 6 Pack ($15). This is one of the better macaroons out there for only $2.50, that’s under priced compared to other places. My favourite is always anything with salted caramel.

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