Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sunday: RED

Song Nhac Peter Pan Beaded Collar Top / Forever 21 Midi Red Skirt / Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Zabrina Pump / Louis Vuitton Yellow Epi Petit Noe Bag  / thin black patent Salvatore Ferragamo Belt

Sunday in RED

Hi! How are you?

Here is a lil peak into what I wore last Sunday to a 30th Birthday, it was an all girls night casual dinner. The birthday girl didn't want to be reminded of her age, so the dinner was kept casual.

All in all it was a timid conversational girly chatty dinner, which I enjoyed very much as you learn so much from your peers. The birthday girl seemed fine with that night’s arrangement, so I won’t elaborate anymore.

My outfit consists of:

Top: Peter pan beaded collar, shear beige pink top. Bought from Vietnam at a shop called “Song Nhac”, I adore this shop even though it looks like racks and racks of salvation army clothing stacked upon each other when you walk in but seek and you shall find, everything there is brand new (not second hand). The price is unbeatable for the quality that you are buying

Skirt: Midi red skirt, something my sister got while in America, from forever 21. She said it was cost her $12, to an Aussie that’s a bargain.

Shoes: Lauren Ralph Lauren Women's Zabrina Pump, Royal Royal Navy Kidskin (more like a dark grey colour)

Bag: Yellow Epi Petit Noe - Louis Vuitton

Belt: thin black patent Salvatore Ferragamo belt

Enjoy the rest of your days… ladies and gents stay beautiful, healthy, wealthy and wise
xox take care :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with anything above, everything on my blog is my honest opinions, so I am not being paid or given free products to review or promote. My opinions are of personal experience and thoughts, so feel free to comment if you agree or disagree so I can also learn more from you.

Guhng (The Palace)

How you’ll doing?
This is a mini review of a restaurant named “Guhng” (its Korean for: The Palace). This is my second time back and we had to share this wonderful service and atmosphere with my lovely family. You know how all mums think their cooking is “the best” and there’s nothing like home made food… I am not saying this is one of the best restaurants, but I did take the family out to this particular restaurant just to taste something different, the night life culture of the city which we’ve made our home for the past two decades and to taste some Korean BBQ.

To start with Soju (Korean alcohole – dunno what the brand was but it was meant to be for the faint hearted)

Kim chi over all was good something out of the ordinary, ie. Like our Vietnamese salad and herbs mum and dad would put on the dinner table on our usual home cooked meals (not complaining I love fresh herbs, we grow them in our backyard)

Beef salad was another entrée this was decent but achievable at home.

Seafood and pork Kim chi spicy hot pot – well imaging eating hot rahman, pouring all the 10 red hot packet of spices into one hot pot, that’s what this taste like with extra tofu, greens, white cabbage, prawns, octopus, seafood… yep very spicy with a seafood after taste, our family enjoyed it cause they bite fresh chili daily (white rice, fresh chili and fish sauce should never be missed at a Vietnamese dinner table)

Everything else was charcoal grilled: marinated pork, chicken, beef, ribs, scallop, oysters and abalone. It was wonderful. I don’t remember what set menu we got but it turned out great, the marinated pork and beef were flavorsome. Abalone was chewy but doable (sounds fancy but could be skipped if you don’t want to spend too much for something you would find hard to swallow if not cooked correctly)

Dessert platter – SWEET LOVERS MUST TRY, tiramisu, pudding, fudge, floss, sugar, candy, green tea cake … looks enticing cause it does sure taste that way (I am no sweet lover, prefer my fruit any day)

Ladies, gents that’s all from me hope you enjoy your weekend, stay healthy, wealthy and wise ;) xox  

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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Nobu Melbourne

It was our Anniversary a few months back, I have kept these photos for ages but haven’t had time to post up my review

We went to Nobu (Melbourne) a very well known Japanese restaurant.

It was classy, dark and gloomy, when we entered, you’ll be greeted with a warm welcome from the reception (that’s if you’ve booked a table, if not the receptionist might tell you there will be a wait depending on how busy it was that night)

As you walk down the flights of stairs away from the entrance, you are greeted by the many staffs and chefs with a big shout out in Japanese (didn’t understand, I guess it was a polite Welcome)

Service was amazing, but for a bottle of cold water the cost was nearly $12! So as time goes by you would realize you are going to put a big hole in your wallet. But it’s a special occasion, we’ll be happy to dine finely and not complain about the final bill.

The waiters would bring around this Salt-boiled Edamame dressed in extra sea salt
This is a berry/ cherry Fruit Punch – it was a little sour and tangy for my likings but my other half thought it was fine. I guess I don’t like alcohol so even a mock-tail wouldn’t entice my palate.

Tuna Tataki with Tozasu – this was good too, sweet and sour combo in your mouth

Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño – I love this dish (even though I am not a fan of sashimi). I love the sourness and the spice of the jalapenos YUMMY, it didn’t taste raw – must order dish

Scallop Sashimi with Dried Miso – raw scallop is so sweet, and the crispy fried garlic chip made the soft uncooked scallop crunchy, a mixture of texture.

Beef Tataki with Ponzu and Garlic Chips – OMG another raw dish, this was good but at this stage my mouth didn’t like the overwhelming garlic chip taste from the last dish and this dish added together – eww garlic breath on an anniversary hehehehe

Lobster Salad with Spicy Lemon Dressing – this was disappointing for the price you pay, but we’d thought it doesn’t hurt to try. It wasn’t bad but I wouldn’t order this again, few pieces of lobster, lettuce, mushroom and more garlic chip + lemon dressing (I reckon it could be achievable at home) for $42 yep.. Now you see why I said they put garlic chip garnish on everything

Black Cod with Miso – after a few bites the good sweetness in your mouth just becomes so overwhelming, I’d recommend add this with white rice to balance out the saltiness and sweetness of the sauce. But if this was one of the first dishes I tried I wouldn’t have such a bad after taste. There was a special hajikami stalk left on top as a garnish which tasted like Garlic, it was crunchy and refreshing in the mouth, I think this was to balance out the black code sauce, it complimented well but extra rice in my opinion would have been even better.

This is Wagu Beef with a hot stone and 3 different types of dipping sauces – this was $150 worth of a dish, was the Wagu worth $1 per/gram, HELL NO. There was nothing special about the taste of this dish besides its presentation!

Overall I loved Nobu’s atmosphere, services and food. Just don’t go trying something that is worth $1 a gram and majority of the garlic chip garnishing wouldn’t have been better substituted with something else, when you know your customer had been consuming so much from their previous dishes. All the sashimi and cold dishes were wonderful.
 I had a discount card and the final bill still came out to be that total!
Overall rating:
4/5 starts
I liked some of the food we ate, but the final price (due to the Wagu beef) was ridiculous.
Well I hope you enjoy Nobu just as much as I did!
have a great night everyone

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Friday, December 7, 2012

GRAB a bargain

I got this dress in a size 8 for about $20 many years back, mum had to alter and resize to fit. Shes great at that.
This is a "Grab" (I don't know if Grab is still designing and selling their lable) full halter neck natural waistline dress, in Aqua Green/Blue. Its an oldy but goody, it hides all the places I want I don't want to show off on a hot summer's day

Heels: peep toe from Nine West. Another shoe bargain, as I got majority of my Nine West shoe at half price in Hawaii premium outlet

My Fav. Coat Last Winter

This Black high neck slim trench coat (inspired by Gossip Girls) was my most worn coat last winter! I got it off eBay for about $50
This is the link to the seller on eBay: Click here for Link

My heels: Ralph Luaren pumps
My Bag: Vintage gold chain Salvatore Ferragamo bag

My Bargain Find in Moorabbin (Melbourne)

Have you guys found a good bargain lately?
I wanted to share a bargain I found in Moorabbin DFO (Australia)*! The brand is Black Friday. I got this slim purple clean lee dress on sale from $108 for only $10 with no faults! Yeh its a size 6, last one one left. The quailty is fantatic, its made of pure wool and its seamless with a zipper at the back. I just don't like the pointy shoulders, I might alter that to be normal in the near future

Another Thurley #

A recent special Birthday dinner I went to. Outfit of the night
Dress: Midi Thurley embellished blush nude dress (bought it at a closing down sale for only $99)

Heels: typical Ralph Pumps
Makeup and hair by ME

Can you guess how old she is?
She turned 40! Still beautiful as always Co Khanh

Working In Beaded Comfort

what did you wear for work last friday?
This was my Outfit for last friday:
TOP: peter pan sequined beaded collar, thin silk beige long sleeve destiny blouse (From Vietnam, round $15AUD)
Tommy Hilfiger Dark Navy Walter Cable Wool Knitted Crewneck Sweater

BOTTOM: Bardot Black Biker Pants (certainly looks loose on the photo, but when worn, it feels tight. I prefer loose clothing at work)

usual Ralph Lauren Heels