Thursday, December 20, 2012

Guhng (The Palace)

How you’ll doing?
This is a mini review of a restaurant named “Guhng” (its Korean for: The Palace). This is my second time back and we had to share this wonderful service and atmosphere with my lovely family. You know how all mums think their cooking is “the best” and there’s nothing like home made food… I am not saying this is one of the best restaurants, but I did take the family out to this particular restaurant just to taste something different, the night life culture of the city which we’ve made our home for the past two decades and to taste some Korean BBQ.

To start with Soju (Korean alcohole – dunno what the brand was but it was meant to be for the faint hearted)

Kim chi over all was good something out of the ordinary, ie. Like our Vietnamese salad and herbs mum and dad would put on the dinner table on our usual home cooked meals (not complaining I love fresh herbs, we grow them in our backyard)

Beef salad was another entrée this was decent but achievable at home.

Seafood and pork Kim chi spicy hot pot – well imaging eating hot rahman, pouring all the 10 red hot packet of spices into one hot pot, that’s what this taste like with extra tofu, greens, white cabbage, prawns, octopus, seafood… yep very spicy with a seafood after taste, our family enjoyed it cause they bite fresh chili daily (white rice, fresh chili and fish sauce should never be missed at a Vietnamese dinner table)

Everything else was charcoal grilled: marinated pork, chicken, beef, ribs, scallop, oysters and abalone. It was wonderful. I don’t remember what set menu we got but it turned out great, the marinated pork and beef were flavorsome. Abalone was chewy but doable (sounds fancy but could be skipped if you don’t want to spend too much for something you would find hard to swallow if not cooked correctly)

Dessert platter – SWEET LOVERS MUST TRY, tiramisu, pudding, fudge, floss, sugar, candy, green tea cake … looks enticing cause it does sure taste that way (I am no sweet lover, prefer my fruit any day)

Ladies, gents that’s all from me hope you enjoy your weekend, stay healthy, wealthy and wise ;) xox  

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