Monday, December 1, 2014

Phu Quoc 2014

Welcome to Phu Quoc! This is my  partners hometown, his family (the Dang family) owns a few businesses here.
The sunset from 1000 star Hotel (Ngan Sao Hotel) is magnificent. This hotel is owned by the Dang family and currently is ran by the next generation. My partner told me it was built by grandpa Dang  in 1997 (who passed away 3 yrs ago) as a three star hotel. Due to unorganised, outdated management's it's not doing very well, hence there's a lot of bad reviews. People still choose to come here because it's very cheap (some rooms are only $50 a night). 
Grandpa Dang loved his zodiac sculptures and statues hence I've read reviews describing it as "strange, scruffy, populated by plastic animals", hehehehe I agree cause it is now 2014 and it does look outdated... that's just to give you some insight to this "strange" old looking hotel. 
The food I had were all delicious from this hotel. Some People are sceptical because they are unsure of the hygiene here
Fried fresh prawns
Chicken coleslaw
Shaken beef with fries
sweet bun with marinated chicken
beef dipped in hotpot rice paper roll
Seafood hot pot
This is a working kitchen at a house I visited, best food are made with wood

Below is Phu Quoc's Night Market - seafood Galore
flan cake with ice
sugar cane juice and seaweed drink
grilled banana, corn and sweet potato... this makes you very flatulent but it's delicious, can't resist
can you guess the fruit?

This is where the Dang make and distribute their home brand Fish sauce... all interational orders welcome! They are one out of two companies in Vietnam that are authorised to ship to Japan (fact I discovered). They have over 170 of these wooden barrel baskets, each one contains over 2 tones of fish... yep do the maths! crazy amounts of fish go into one drop of fish sauce. It takes about a yr or two of fermentation to get the first drop
Curry seeds growing in the Dang's front yard
Dang's peper farm