Thursday, October 20, 2011

Do you have oily/ acne prone/ combo skin?

I discovered a laxative (helps with constipation, taken orally) called ‘milk of magnesia’, in chemistry aka “Magnesium Hydroxide”. I’m no scientist but most people with oily skin have described this as their holy grail. It’s about $5-$10 in a pharmacy for a bottle of liquid, go to your nearest counter and ask a pharmacist to provide you with something that has the active ingredient “Magnesium hydroxide”. My theory if you can swallow it, its safe to go on your face, I recommend using this as matte primer before you apply foundation, or apply before you sleep then rinse off in the morning, this should leave oily at bay and may prevent acne from appearing (no promise there). If you have combo skin, apply and tap gently on areas where you get oily (T-Zone most likely), this is a whitish liquid so blend until everything looks in-synergy with the skin then follow on with foundation and makeup routine. The most famous brand is called “Phillips Milk of Magnesia” – can be found on eBay but shipping isn’t cheap.
If anything try your closest pharmacy for a different brand which contains Magnesium Hydroxide.

Acne prone skin, ask your pharmacist for an active ingredient called “Benzoyl peroxide” (Water-Based Gel)
This is used as an aid in the treatment of acne. (I think this may be better then "Retin-A")
The most famous brand available in Australia is called "Benzac AC".
"AC" is the initials for Acrylates Colpolymer beads which act to absorb oils and release glycerin to moisturise dry/irritated skin. Apply Benzac AC to affected areas once or twice daily or as directed by your doctor. It is recommended if your new to this product start with 2.5% or 5% Benzac (can be used a matte primer as well).
The following is the warning message on this product:
* Keep away from eyes, lips, mouth and sensitive area of the
neck. If excessive swelling, irritation, redness or peeling occurs
discontinue use. If it persists consult your doctor.
* Avoid excessive exposure to sunlight or other sources of
ultra-violet light.
* Benzoyl peroxide can cause fabric to discolour on contact. Use
with care.

This may dry out your skin so use Cetaphil, QV or Eucerin hydration product to help retain skin moisture

Well that’s another cheap product discloser to you’all who do/don’t have oily skin – if you don’t have acne, good for you! Share this info with friends who have oily skin, this is considered a pharmaceutical product, it could be appealing to the male gender (not makeup).

I hope that was helpful -- I know you’re bored --- thank you for reading till now! Lol :D …. With S2