Friday, October 31, 2014

Gold Leaf (Sunshine)

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Gold leaf is the place to eat if you want authentic Chinese, they offer Yum Cha brunch and large functions too (Banquet style). I've been to most Gold Leaf from Docklands to Springvale, to their all you can eat hot pot and here (they are scattered all over Melbourne), I must admit they do rarely go wrong. Everything I've tried has been just right, and your pocket would be happy here too, they don't overcharge. 
I think dishes below are from their banquet menu, and dessert and fruit were all inclusive, I'm not quiet sure because this was an invite only 1st birthday party. 
Staff do sound rude but thats because of their Asian background, their strong broken English can come out wrong, just look through that and you'll enjoy it more here. They all have proper uniform, the place looks nice and clean, and well decked out to suit with the Chinese red and gold lucky coloured theme. 
 cold entree: duck feet (YUM!), jelly fish, pork, octopus and salted beef (this was a lil salty)
 XO Oysters & Ginger Oysters
 Ginger Crab on Egg Noodle
 Whole Fish Steamed in Special Soya Sauce
Ask for rice anytime, as the dishes below all can be enjoyed with rice
 Fried Chicken, this is better then KFC, kids will devour it in a jiffy
 Clay Pot: tofu, mushroom, veggies, octopus, fish
Stir Fried Beans and Beef


  1. Staffs? Please check your spelling- it should be staff. But love your pictures of mouth watering food. Do follow me?

    1. Blogger Phung Khong said...
      Thanks for the spell check. I always write things at 1am and my grammar isn't the best. Will fix that