Saturday, October 4, 2014

Hammer and Tong 412

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Is Hammer and Tong 412 over-rated? Or am I just under rating it? I’m not being critical, I love the joint, the nice people and overall menu was very creative and out there compared to many brunching menu which always includes the typical bacon, eggs, toast and hash browns. However whatever I did try was on the saltier side of my palate, and drinks were overall average. Chef Simon Ward who formerly worked at Vue du Monde started Hammer and Tong 412 surely showed his creativity but taste wise it was pretty average.
Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Watermelon juice wasn’t the best, I’ve had better
Breakfast Ramen – 62˚C hens egg, bacon, mushroom, spring onion with bacon dashi ($15)
Soup and ramen was again average, the egg was perfect, bacon was like overly marinated salted chewy pork belly.
Soft Shell Crab Burger ($12) – never had anything like it, it’s different but again the crab was very salty, could use a bit more mayo, and I like my buns crunchy and toasty (not everyone does). But Yes I do recommend this dish

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