Sunday, October 12, 2014

Persian Print

Pink An Phuoc Shirt ($20AUD) | Zimmermann Brocade Dress | H&M Blazer ($50AUD) | Windsor Smith Heels ($25)

I work at least 6 days a week and sometimes all week, so this is one work outfit of the week. I intended to post up daily OOTD, but with time constraints I am lucky to even upload one post a week, I would love to be more consistence.

I am petite so I love my “An Phuoc” shirt, which is fitted for Asian bodies, the gold & black Zimmermann persian print strapless brocade dress was a gift (and I love it, though I personally think strapless anything is unflattering on anyone skinny as me, hence to hind all the boniness - the pink shirt brightened up this dress and covered up my cleavage so it's appropriate for work), H&M Blazer to keep warm due to the change in Melbourne's weather, and to finish off, these black strappy Windsor Smith with it's golden heels synchronized with this dress colour (last size 35 on special hehehe). 

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