Friday, August 8, 2014

Cupcake Central

In no means am I stating that these are the best cupcakes in the world, but this is definitely my favourite cupcake place in Melbourne thus far (its even better then Cupcakes By Paolo which I was pretty impresses with).

This place has the perfect bite size cupcakes and an abundant of flavours to chose from. I don't have a favourite flavour, all has been very good, the texture and moisture is perfect. They even have special flavours only on particular days of the week. If you are vegan or have a special diet, they might have something just for you.

And as for discounts, they have coupons inside the Melbourne Entertainment Book ... buy one get one free - or something like that. Sometimes they have online coupon code or specials as well.

Besides the yumminess, I love their packaging, logos and store decor. Yep this place is certainly in my good books

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