Thursday, August 28, 2014

Salvatore Ferragamo Black Rain Boots

black hat | TEMT crop top | Forever New tights | Black Rivet real leather jacket | Ojay Coat | Black Salvatore Ferragamo Rain Boots | Ralph Lauren Sunglasses

I found another good eBay seller: SHOPITLA (trust worthy with 100% rating from the USA)!

Just wanted to show off my Salvatore Ferragamo Black Rubber Rain Riding Knee High Boots for under $140 AUD (+ shipping) from SHOPITLA.  It took a lot of convincing from some fashionista friends for me to even consider paying this much for gumboots... oh and Melbourne's PMS weather also helped trigger this buy; it can go from sunny to pouring rain in an instance here.

Brand new Salvatore Ferragamo Rain Boots is about $399USD, so yes I consider this purchase a bargain - some of my friends have paid over $100 for Melissa boots.

When my grannies and parents saw me in these and said "are you going fishing or farming?" LOL... I replied it's style! Oh wells beauty is in the beholder and I am happy with my purchase cause it was literally brand new (sample pair made in Italy) with bag in my size (size 5AU) - which fits me comfortably.
The rubber black material is true to it's description but I love how people mistaken it for real leather boots.

Can you guess what was the most expensive thing I wore? Ralph Lauren polarised Sunglasses - It was a splurge because I rarely buy anything at full price but due to some UV and skin cancer commercial it urged me to actually go and get a new pair to replace my old broken Coach ones (which I accidentally sat on a year ago).
With glasses wear experience, I don't think I can buy a pair without trying it on. I have a small asian head with a low bridge nose, so its tough finding something that fits comfortably without falling off. I would compromise comfort over style in this department.

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