Sunday, August 10, 2014


Nandos is not a cheap fast food joint, they consider themselves more of a restaurant, but the service is just like a fast pace takeaway place with a South American feel to it with all the colour schemes, decor and music.

I love portuguese flame grilled peri peri chicken at Nandos, or anything thats HOT at Nando's. Their peri peri salt on fries are great too. My favourite use to be the wings, but they have obviously taken that off the menu hence the next best thing I would eat regularly here are chicken ribs... 8 Churrasco BBQ Ribs for $8.95! This in a Meal is even more expensive, which makes these small ribs equate to >$1 a rib - rip-off! But because I love the formula, flavours and sauce I always make my return.

See due to the expensive menu, the Chicken wings which I loved was included in the Kids menu, so I did save a few dollars when I ordered the kids meals which included two sides (drink and chips) as well. But as I have mentioned, it is no longer on the menu. If I could give them some feedback I would tell them to bring back the chicken wings.

They have a variety of sauces for the chickens, from lemon and herb to extra hot.

Their coleslaw is under average, but I do recommend the garden salad ($8.95!) which include balsamic vinegar sachets on the side, add as much or as little as you want.

I was sharing with 8 people so I ordered a  whole chicken in a meal, because it worked out cheaper (and I get to eat some wings here). I have no Picture of ribs but its the same colour but in rip form. The chicken is grilled hence it could get charred in some areas. 

Peri Peri chips - its normal fries with the peri peri salt (which makes it even better in my opinion)

Graden salad with Balsamic vinegar

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