Sunday, November 2, 2014

Kobe Jones Riverside Teppanyaki

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Kobe Jones offers Teppanyaki and Japanese dishes, I see people tend to come here with pre bought coupons, and what they had set was reasonable for what was paid. I thought my bill was pretty hefty for what we ate, then again I was sure it wouldn’t be cheap coming here. 
I loved every part of the décor and design of this place, the outside to the inside, the teppanyaki area is inside the main building, and by the river there’s a mini open/enclosed pergola type room which made the view all so more magnificent.  
Staff were good, some more helpful then others but they could have had more on floor. 
On this particular night we opt for single dishes, didn’t order any set menu or teppenyaki (would have been cheaper if we did). I would recommend buying coupons before coming here then its worth every penny, but from what we had, drinks included our bill came close to $300! 
The dishes were unique, sashimi and ingredients were fresh and presentation was simply beautiful, here's what we had:
Teppanyaki Room
Assorted Sashimi: fish & scallop (very fresh and had a sweet after taste)
WAFU OYSTER: freshly shucked oyster in the shell with ponzu dressing 
SEAFOOD POKE: Hawaiian style sashimi cubes marinated with poke sauce (we didn't like this one, the sauce was more like sesame oil, it didn't compliment well with the fish, would have been nicer raw without any marinate or sauce)
NUMBER ONE SPECIAL: crab salad stuffed with avocado, wrapped in kingfish and baked with Kobe Jones’s secret sauce (uniquely made, try it)
Bottled Mango Juice, in a fancy glass cup 
MISO CITRUS LOBSTER: lobster tail (approx 300g) lightly cooked in a wafu thermidor sauce, drizzled with miso citrus and served on a bed of steamed vegetables. 
WAGYU ROLL: robata grilled skewers of wagyu, with baby asparagus and amiyaki sauce 
Assorted Platter
PORK GYOZA: house made pork dumplings, grilled and served with ponzu sauce 
ANAGO SCALLOPS: tempura Hokkaido scallops stuffed with crab salad and asparagus, with bittersweet soy sauce glaze 
CHICKEN KARA AGE: marinated chicken in seasoned potato flour, shallow fried, served with teriyaki sauce and chilli mayonnaise 
WASAKI SHOOTERS: fresh oyster shooter, served in cold wasaki ($6.50 per shot). This was in the previous platter so skip this dish if you plan to order the platter from above

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