Monday, November 10, 2014

Chuan Wang Restaurant

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Chuan Wang Restaurant is under-rated! 
It’s natural to see me without my DSLR but on a day like this, how could I not Blog about Chuan Wang? I went back to my trusty Iphone camera, which can also take some beautiful shots. Here’s what we had:

Left: Hot and Sour soup - Perfect, but if you can't handle the heat then don't bother with this dish, its spicy
Rigth: Tofu Seafood Soup - also good

Left: Chilled Cumcumber Salad - Loved it, so refreshing and flavoursome
Right: Sliced Fish in Chilli Oil - this was very spicy, it made my tongue numb, but some people are addicted to this numbing sensation. 

Left: Stir Fried Greens with Garlic - PERFECT! I loved the fried garlic combo, it was yumminess. 
Right: Fried Quail - this was average, I've had better because it was on the blander side of things and the meat was too dry. 

Pigs ear marinated in sweet sourness with spices - too salty and it was chewy, I prefer my pigs ears crunchy, this was the worst dish out of all the dishes we had. We managed to finish everything between four people. 

This is the place to be if you don’t want to wait in line at Dumplings Plus (Highpoint)! Prices and menu are similar but I personally think Chuan Wang has something good going on. They’ve recently taken over the old “Lucky Star” in Footscray Market.
If you want to be impressed by décor and furnishing then don’t come here. I lived in China for 3 months many years ago, and this place brought back some great memories.
I eat a lot of Asian food and this is the place to be if you enjoy your hot, spicey, oily, sweet, sour & salty flavours. You can personalize a Sichuan Hot Pot, have authentic Sichuan cuisine or order your typical fried rice. Overall the food was authentically delicious and customer service (with broken English) was good too. I will be back!
I’ve heard they’ve been so quiet they want to change up their menu and head into a different direction with other Asian Cuisines. So please come and support what’s “original” so we can keep a good Sichuan restaurant alive in the heart of Footscray.

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