Sunday, November 9, 2014

Melbourne Design Market - Featuring Orbitkey

Melbourne Design Market was something really random I wouldn't think I would go to, but since my friend who's now turned "key enthusiast" was part of it, I just went along for support. I am so proud of these "Orbitkey" guys, they pulled in an amazing crowd with one product, I guess good things do come in small packages. Other stalls came with an abundant of things, but seemed more quiet. 
Their product is a key organiser/holder to put it simply. Check out the link if you want to know more about the product! hehehe And ofcourse I love the idea and product, I've bought multiple of them and loving how they function and work (quality is great too). 
Orbitkey - best crowd ever, they were so popular

 Nudio Studio - if you like your lace up leather shoes, I do recommend giving this a try, they felt and looked great, if only I had larger feet to fit into mens shoes... Their shoes usually retail for $120/$140, but they had a stall sale for $75 a pair today. 
 Bailey Nelson had an amazingly awesome range of sunglasses and glasses, I fell in love with the majority
elk - casual loungewear, looked comfy
 paper craft
 Chipolo - don't lose your keys again with this
I think these were candles
 my favourite earings in the stall
this lady looked cutely confused, too many options! hehehe 
Obag - looked durable and convenient for the coming Summer, I love their design and colour selection.
 this was one of my many favourites at this market - Ultimaker^2: an affordable 3D printer, the integrity of the print was very durable, precise and sturdy. 
 Bin Dixon Ward - some funky jewellery and accessories. 
 Cassia Essentials - cool bags 

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