Tuesday, November 25, 2014

InterContinental Asiana Saigon

We resided at the InterContinental (Saigon) on our first night, the experience was as expected and more. The staff were so very helpful, spoke proper English, well mannered and friendly, I've had great services at 5 star hotels, but this was the best. 
This hotel is within walking distance to the city centre, enjoy the walk or go by taxi, it'll be nothing you've experienced before, horn beeps coming from all corners just like people and cars, it's an organised chaos. 
We were given a corner room, so we had a great view of the city, I'm grateful to be here so dirty rustic roofs or tall fancy building don't matter to me. Most 5 star hotels have "club lounge" and the room we booked gave us access to it, therefore we could enter anytime for free drinks, they also had happy hour (free cocktail alcohol time), & light: breakfast, lunch and dinner. But for breakfast I always prefer the main restaurant there's way more food there, as you'll see below
welcome refreshment: lightly sweetened detox lemon grass drink and chilled towel

club lounge at InterContinental (Saigon) 
small delicious dishes I picked out, tuna baguette, grilled salmon, rice paper roll, caramelised chicken drum stick
fruits: dragron fruit, watermelon (full of seeds but its so sweet), papaya, sweet pineapple, sapoche (sweet and soft, they make awesome smoothies)

A replica Eames chair
 this is the entrance to the main restaurant where we had breakfast
breakfast buffet and refreshing coconut juice (YUM)
 wonton noodle soup
wrapped steamed pork rice rolls
fruits and coconut galore
pho bo, beef noodle soup
typical bread, butter and spreads. If you think you'll lose weight here, think again, theres food for all taste buds.
 ham and salad bar
 french Jam
grill bar

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