Sunday, November 9, 2014

Queen Victoria Market

A beautiful Sunday to visit the iconic Queen Victoria Market, more so for the food then the shopping. It's been a while since I've stepped foot here, and OMG its popularity and food varieties have grown dramatically, I loved it!!! You may not know but I've had 4 wisdoms removed a week ago, so my cravings were satisfied today :)

this guy is making the Devil's Chicken - sweet, sour, spicy, crunchy with beautiful veggies
Roti and Beef Curry, my friends loved this
 The best Sri - Lankan/ Indian Chicken Curry I've had - it's called the Devils Chicken $12
Meanwhile at the Great Australian BBQ - Taste of Australia
Sorry to say this, but everyone on my table who tried this Kangaroo Meat Burger did not enjoy it one bit, it was bland, flavourless, sauce was too and the bun itself was soft and powdery. 
This Chicken wing salad unfortunately was not so good, chicken was bland and the salad was too sour.

Awesomely tasting chilled Cannoli - the cream was fortunately just right, I've always disliked the overly sweet ones. Thumbs up from me and my friends

Chooh La La (the original French praline) - these warmly toasted caramelised macadamias were delicious, the medium packet was $15 and smaller was $10, the guys who served us were very friendly and just wanted us to try everything, it was like all you can try before you buy. hehehehhe

 You could hear these guys from a mile away, it was soothing music so my ears were in a happy place.
Can you guess what this line is for? the ATM! it was ridiculously long, all ATMs on both corners were packed with people. My recommendation before coming to Victoria Market would be have some cash in your pocket as some stalls and shops only accepts CASH.

As for thirst, we had freshly squeezed lemonade (this was good) and the usual soft drinks.

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