Monday, January 14, 2013

Old Kingdom Glory

Hi! How are you doing?
Another Chinese/Asian restaurant in the heart of our iconic Collinwood suburb, so don’t expect that exceptional welcoming gesture and greetings from your usual restaurant visits. On a good day, the guy that serves you may be humorous other days you may just get a man whose attitude is “I did my job, can I go now?”

I hear most complaints are from take-away customers, maybe they are not ordering the specialty on the menu.

TIP: order restaurant’s specialty dishes, not boring stir fried rice and spring rolls with honey chicken and sweet sour pork then expect to be “WOOWED”.

Old Kingdom is known for their “Peking Duck” (another term for Beijing, just old fancy English), oven spit roast duck specially blown out skin to give you that extra succulent crispy skin.

A whole duck would feed at least 2 adult, and its only $55… for 3 separate dishes (literally 3 course meal).

$55 deal includes:

  1. Whole Peking duck + pancake + plum sauce + cucumber + spring onion root.
  2. Duck soup with tofu
  3. Stir fried duck with bean sprouts
this is Stir fried duck with bean sprouts - it was tasty =)

At the speed of the service and the price combined it’s like a Peking duck fast food joint without the derogatory sense. Well the place does look run down but it’s an icon in Collinwood.

the catering guy was cutting duck with awesome knife skills – my camera couldn’t even capture a good shot (may have had it on the wrong mood).

Above is my pictorial to how to eat Peking Duct.

  1. The pancake is paper thin so I didn't get sick of it, it complimented well with everything else on the table
  2. Cucumber and spring onion root, isn’t necessary but it gives it a refreshing and crunchy contrast
  3. Succulent juicy, crispy skin, no fat duck meat, well cooked and marinated to perfection
  4. Best Peking Plum Sauce ever 
Then Fold, Fold, Fold and Wrap

Extras that was order:
Sweet, hot sour soup - average didn't tickle my fancy

Fried rice was ordinary, nothing spectacular
the reason why we usually order extra stir fried veges/ fresh veges in general is because it goes hand in hand with most meat and helps us digest our food more quickly so we can eat more without getting sick of the same meaty taste in our mouth.

My final worlds: I dare say this is the best Peking duck in Melbourne and many restaurants in Beijing (I have eaten in one of the best Peking duck restaurant in Beijing and must admit for something in Australia to be so authentic its great!!!) A MUST EAT. I always go back to enjoy this goodness.

Can you recommend me a good Peking duck restaurant?

Enjoy the rest of your days… ladies and gents stay beautiful, healthy, wealthy and wise
xox take care :)

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