Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wish You Wear Here!

Coach Sunglasses / GLASSON WISH YOUWERE HERE Swim wear

Hi! How you doing?

I’ve just arrived back in Melbourne from an end of year trip in Sydney, Cairns and Port Douglas. Our hotel apartment had a few good pools in Port Douglas, so what did we do once we found ourselves in the midst of all that glorious smelting sun?
I got myself into this poolside silhouette classic black and white polka dot one piece cut and started posing LOL! It’s a rare site for me to be in bathers, due to my embarrassing no bust flat silhouette frame. And am not a fan of tanning, its just the culture I’ve been brought up in, it’s taught me beauty is when you’re purely white inside and out – stuff that mumbo jumbo! Tan or not, I’m going in for a swim (even though I don’t know how to).   

I love this one piece, it reminds me of the era when female became more liberated with their bodies, showing off what great curves they had. It’s of vintage and retro flash back to the 1940s and 1950s, this great rendition of a piece was bought from “GLASSON” on special for $25 (last size 6, bargain! It made my day). This was from their 2012 Swimwear Collection under the brand “WISH YOUWERE HERE”.

How did you spend you holiday? What is your favourite sort of swimwear?

Enjoy the rest of your days… ladies and gents stay beautiful, healthy, wealthy and wise
xox take care :)
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