Monday, January 21, 2013

Silky Blue ZARA OOTD

Hi! How are you doing?

On my occasional summer vacations, I would pack lightly and in-expensively just in-case I lose an item or two during the trip, I wouldn't get so devo.

These are images taken during my visit to PHI PHI Island (Phuket, Thailand) and Port Douglas (QLD, Australia), snorkeling adventure.
As you can see I’m not a swimmer, I go for the experience, but I was scared shitless – worst fear, drowning (yep I can’t swim), and OMG motion sickness is not my best friend. I was sick for several days after that snorkeling adventure in Thailand due to the small rocky long boat however I was fine on the QLD speed boat out to see the corals on the Great Barrier Reef.

Dress: A Blue Silk dress with bright floral print from Zara ($20!), it’s a flowy dress with a high split on either sides, it 100% silk hence gets wrinkled easily (especially in my suitcase). I usually cover myself with something like this on top of my bathers to hide my boney figure.
To shorten this dress so it wouldn’t get wet, I would tie it into a knot or tuck it right under my bathers (As you can see in the photo).

Sandals: Nine West America - $19

So I guess this out fit of mine was under $40!!!
Oh not really, Coach sunnies was a gift from the BF (does that count?) and the hat was taken from my Grandma's wardrobe heheheh she got it for $5 during our short weekend to Sydney

What’s your must pack item during your summer holidays?

Enjoy the rest of your days… ladies and gents stay beautiful, healthy, wealthy and wise
xox take care :) 

 on land after feeling sea sick! Yes I did spew up, gross i know
holding onto dear life in my life jacket and hanging by my boyfriend
Blue Silk Zara Printed Dress / Nine West Sandals
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