Sunday, January 13, 2013

Flapper & Dapper

Review Flapper dress / Louis Vuitton Vernis Clutch / Nine West Pumps
Hi! How you doing?

Flapper, the era of the 1920’s, describing of young birds learning to flap their wings. Wearing short skirts, bobby hairstyles drinking, listening and dancing to jazz, smoking, wearing excessive makeup, and treating sex as the norm (less limitations and taboo).

Flapper dresses were straight and loose, leaving the arms bare and dropping the waistline to the hips.

Here’s what I found at “Review” (Australian Brand) where they’ve made a great rendition of a so called “modern Flapper”, and “Dapper” for the classic clean cut with sequined arrow and diamond pattern, decorated with false crystals and rhinestones, and a very low cut “V-Neck” line. Its part of their limited edition line in 2012 and this pastel teal colour makes my day just a little cooler ;) in our summer sun.

I added my Louis Vuitton Vernis Clutch as an accessory and on my foot is a pair of grayish nude pair of pumps from Nine West.

What colour do you prefer to wear in summer?

Enjoy the rest of your days… ladies and gents stay beautiful, healthy, wealthy and wise
xox take care :)

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