Sunday, February 17, 2013

Nicolangela Halter Geometric Midi

Halter Neck Multi - Coloured Geometric Nicolangela Midi Dress (mum made it) / Yellow Stilettos from Tony Bianco

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  1. Hi Phung Khong,
    Thank you for mentioning Nicolangela, however we do need have a concern on the information you have mentioned in your blog.
    1. You Mum was engaged by Nicolangela to sew some designs.
    2. Nicolangela designs are covered by copyright.
    3. Any excess material that is not used to produce the required quantity of garments had to be returned to Nicolangela as the material design is an original Nicolangela design and in limited supply. Nicolangela's quantity yields are very tight. We have since gone back through our records and have noted a number of garments could not be manufactured due to "short supply" of material. Hence some of our customers could not get their dress.

    Therefore, without prejudice, the following breaches have been made:

    1. Holding back enough material supplied by Nicolangela to accommodate the manufacture of a Nicolangela designed dress/s for your personal use. The cost of the material has been incurred by Nicolangela for design and manufacture, the loss of revenue to the Nicolangela business and the tarnished goodwill of the company and brand for not being able to supply some customers their dress/s.
    2. Using a Nicolangela own design to personally manufacture and take-off as a Nicolangela dress is a breach of copyright.
    3. Breach of a purchasing contract to engage the machining (sewing) of a number of dress designs designed by Nicolangela which are under copyright.

    We expect that you should be somewhat careful with the information supplied in your blog.

    We also expect you to reply by comment and should you wish to discuss this further I can be contacted on 0424 190 880.

    I await your reply.

    Darren Williams
    Director - Nicolangela Pty Ltd.