Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grill Steak Seafood

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Grill Steak Seafood is in the heart of Melbourne down bustling Hardware Lane. The live music and atmosphere during dinner time is pretty amazing.  
There have been many reviews on how bad and slow the service is but on this occasion it was great for us. The food came out exactly like we ordered in time and synchronized.

Food wise we ordered a few dishes and there were a lot of similarities in each dish. For example the Mussels for the Entrée was exactly the same as our Surf and Turf dish (hence it wasn’t necessary to even order the bowl of Mussels in the first place). The Risotto Pescatore had the same sauce as our Mussel sauce, which wasn’t bad but the flavour is repetitive hence our taste buds got bored. We overdosed on prawns and beef which was in all of our mains (Scotch Fillet – cooked nicely! =D). Mushroom & Pepper dipping sauce was average.

All in all if you are going with 3-4 people, just order the “Surf and Turf”, a Salt and Pepper fried Squid for Entrée and side drinks. Even though the menu states “Surf and Turf” is made for 2 people, I recommend go with more people and enjoy a few extra entrees on the side.
6-7/10 overall  =D

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Entree = Salt and Pepper Squid - Flash fried, crisp salad, lemon & oyster sake dressing
Entree = Mussels -Spring Bay Mussels cooked in closed pot with olive oil, white wine, tomato and hint of chili
Main = Surf & Turf - Mussels, Sauces, Salad, Fried Fish, Prawns, Grilled Chicken and Fries.
Main = Scotch Fillet + Mushroom & Pepper dipping sauce
Main = Risotto Pescatore - Assorted Seafood Garlic Chilli, White Wine, Tomato Sauce. 

66 Hardware Lane
Melbourne, VIC3000

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