Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Best Macarons in Melbourne

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La Belle Miette (meaning "beautiful crumb" or, more broadly, “beautiful small thing") is a small French patisserie specialising in macarons.

I think I found a new love for Macarons! I've had some at random Melbourne locations (Brunetti's many years ago, Crown Café, random café place in Melbourne and home made ones), but nothing compares to this! Most of what I’ve tasted seems somewhat powdery, grainy, chalky, too sweet, dry or raw.

It was such a spontaneous finding, one day at work a friend of a friend had came in for an Ultrasound scan, as a thank you gift she brought us some “La Belle Miette” macarons. I took the business card as a reference and had to repurchase it the next time I traveled to Hardware Lane.

There are many different delicous flavours of macarons here, from alcohol to chocolate to fruity sour flavours, and the packaging is just so elegant and cute, totally in love with this tiny gorgeous shop. 

They are soft, tasteful, and smooth and melt in your mouth (just right). My favorite is the Salty Caramel Macaron, its filling is much chewier then the other flavours hence giving this one more of a special texture which complimented well with the crispy shell. Even though other filling flavors weren’t so special compared to its perfectly made shell, overall in my opinion this is the best Macarons I've ever had in Melbourne.
The only downside was its price, in 2-3 bites its gone, but its worth $2.50 per macarons. Other places charge more/ same but for the quality of $2.50 compared to other macaron shops, its worth it. I bought 18 macarons that day and the total came to $48! Expensive but once in a while, this could be an exception =) 

What's your favourite Melbourne Macarons Shop?  

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La Belle Miette 
Urban Spoon

30 Hardware Ln
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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