Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Wool 'n' Lace

Portmans Dress | Geiger Tyrol Cropped Wool Jacket | Zara two toned sandal heels

DFO Portmans always have great bargains, I bought this black midi lace dress + slip for only $30AUD last week. But if I had to review this dress I wouldn't recommend it to anybody, because:
  • material is very tough - hard to move in
  • the arm pit and shoulder cut is too large, it makes the dress look un-proportional (even my seamstress mother was in a pickle when I told her to fix it for a perfect fit, she said she didn't want to bother because it was more time consuming to fix then buying a different $30 dress, she told me to return it). I had to roll/scrunch up the sleeves to make it look fitted
  • hem was sealed tight - easy fix would be to cut the dress shorter, remove the seal... so I can walk freely without looking like a prissy bowlegged chicken. 

Austria's Geiger Tyrol boiled wool cropped jacket with pearl buttons (I love vintage pieces) - this added some texture and brightened up the blackness. This was an incidental finding, I was actually looking for merino wool socks and stubbled upon this on eBay, which cost me $40 with shipping, but I'm happy with the purchase cause its well fitted, comfy and really warm. 

If you love genuine Zara shoes, check this eBay seller out: hoicompany2010I got my two toned Zara sandal heels from them for only $59AUD with shipping. 
These are pretty comfy but this style runs half a size bigger then expected

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