Monday, September 22, 2014

7 Oak Tree

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  • I work in Point Cook, but have never heard of 7 Oak Tree, until I decided to do some googling. The overall feel, food, services were great.

tea for two, cutleries and utensils here are very elegant from maxwell williams designer homeware

Slow cooked beef in some sort of mushroom gravy sauce with sides… sauce and sides all tasted great but one advice I would give this cook would be to add maybe pumpkin, sweet potato and/or potato! This would compliment even better then the steamed veggies.

Lamb riblets + special BBQ sauce… this reminded me of the American BBQ pork ribs and TGIF ribs, YUM, sweet, sour, salty oh so good. This is an Aussie twist to the infamous BBQ ribs of the USA, because instead of Pork this restaurant has used Lamb. It is tender, meat does fall off the bones and the sauce was just right. Fries were ok cause they were a bit salty. This was on the lunch menu + your choice of juice/soft drink for $9.90

Overall we had two mains and 2 drinks for under $36 at a fancy looking restaurant. I am happy I have found this new place (my dentist is just next door and I never knew this place existed).

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