Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Charlies Pizza Footscray

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  • Before I started dating, I never knew so many places existed, including this pizzeria “Charlies Pizza”. I am an Asian who grew up in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, and consistent pass this restaurant when we do our grocery shopping in Footscray. I would look inside and think to myself “this is a dingy dodgy looking place”, “who would eat here?”, “it looks unhygienic”, “why are they always closed?”, “they are so empty how do they survive?”… And hear stories like “the owner is part of some gang/the mafia, he uses this place for money laundering”.

All my negative thoughts changed after my first experience, lol, I realized they don’t open during the times I drive pass, and most of their customers are Vietnamese who starts dinner very late in the evening, or Club goers would stop here for supper before heading home.
I do think they need a reno cause this place looks like a run down saloon, they also have an outdoors garden area at the back where small gatherings are held. The ambiance is confusing, Italian food + extra chilli flakes on everything you want on the menu, Vietnamese music in the background with Vietnamese concert billboards hang up in-front of the old peeling wallpaper.

The moderate urban spoon ratings may be due to its atmosphere and services, cause I hear the boss “Charlie” can be a meanie at times. Food wise, it isn’t the cheapest pizzeria, but I personal enjoy what I pay for… Italian food with extra hot chilliness (You don’t get that at many pizzeria).

"Charlie" the boss getting close and personal. He's not always mean, he can be very friendly at times
baked bread, hot salami, chilli flakes, anchovies and cheese - I love this crunchy bread with the hint of spicy saltiness, but some people find it too salty... just don't add anchovies on it
Marinara + Penne Pasta + Seafood + Chilli Flakes – large $17.80
This is really good; do try it, minus the chilli if you can’t handle the heat
Mushroom sauce was $8.80! But it makes a great combo with the beef and baked bread
Charlies Special Salad - Large $24.80, easy to make but expensive for a salad. However I will always order this because I love my greens in all my meals. When I ordered the Volcanic rock (picture below) the salad came free with it in a medium portion - BONUSSSS LOL. 
Volcanic Rock Beef Fillet -  $39.80
I’m on the fence with this one, flavorless, just butter, beef, and mushroom on a hot rock, for that price I’d rather do it myself… but it does come with a side of Charlies special salad.

If you want to save some money and try both the Beef Fillet & Mushroom sauce, order the "Mushroom steak", taste the same to me for less than half the price - $27.80 without the hassle of cooking yourself. I personally find no fun in using the rock, I think it leaves a BBQ smelly residue on me. 
We rarely order pizza if we are eating in less than groups of three, but personally I think its nothing spectacular. 

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