Sunday, September 7, 2014


Just trying an edgier look to transition from cool to warmer weather since Spring is in the air in Melbourne - hayfever season = spring.


Crop top and dual texture coats are so in this season. I somehow stumbled upon a free TEMT top from my teenage cousin and a free oversized 90's "Miss Sixty" puffy coat with fur lining (very warm). My grandma got a huge bag of old stuff from a friend who wanted to give all her old clothes away, grandma kept some of the warmer clothing and then transferred the rest to the "Salvos", hence this is shared now between me and grandma lol.

I predict bloggers and fashionistas in the Northern hemisphere will sport a lot of the dual textured coats this winter; any material or length jacket incorporated with fur/wool/leather/etc. collar or vice versa will be seen everywhere. And of course oversized coats and funky prints and patterns can't be excluded, or some will stick to sophisticated black and white.

High waisted distressed boyfriend jeans with paint prints - role them up to show some sexy ankles and of course to make them shorter without spending money on hemming... This was purchased from eBay for $15, no-one wanted to bid against me for a pair of ripped up old looking pants, which in my parents opinion looked like a rag. I'm happy with the style and fit, brand new with tag.

Two toned ankle strap sandal heels to give this tom-boyish look a feminine contrast, and to give me some height lol.

crop tops are in, suns out, show some skin! cropped tops will make your upper body look shorter (good for people with long backs) + fitted high waisted pants will elongate your legs = change peoples perspective on your body's proportion. Add heels and some feet cleavage, voila you just added more illusive height.

me trying hard to suck it in hahaha...

TEMT royal blue crop top | eBay distressed BF jeans | Zara Basic ankle strap heels

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