Tuesday, April 8, 2014

The Little Secret Site

This is the Givenchy Black Antigona medium bag in which I borrowed from a friend at a party, she let me into this little secret as her husband isn’t meant to know about the cost of this buy as she’s got an extensive collection as we speak…heheheh

Well the price was approx. $1500 USD, which is a bargain for a brand new 100% genuine Givenchy Antigona. The secret site where she got it from was “L’inde Le Palais” they sell amazing up to date seasonal designer brands from clothing to shoes to accessories, and registering as a new customer scores you a welcoming 10% off promocode, YEP that’s how she got it on a discounted price.

There’s a catch if you reside in Australia, this site does not deliver to our doorstep :( boohoo… so my friend had a cousin who lives in Hong Kong, so she sent it there, then it was reposted to her. If you have a posting address from overseas you could use this same technique as my friend did and pay a flat rate of $34USD in shipping for items on “L’inde Le Palais

information above was passed on from a friend of mine, so if there is any fault don't hesitate to tell me, I'm here to learn from you too :)

Care to share your little secret fashionable sites that you find amazing?

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