Monday, April 21, 2014

Beige on Black on Beige

I spent the Easter Break long weekend in Tasmania, the weather was always cold but who can complain when the sceneries were amazing. I travelled on the Spirit of Tasmania and arrived in Davenport (I hate sea travel!), the next day we spent the whole day driving through the long winding roads of Tasmania, passing Burnie, Cradle Mountain, Strahan, Queenstown, and finally reaching Hobart! I didn't think I was such a weakling until I suffered severe motion sickness on sea and road, my stomach was totally empty when I reached Hobart since I threw up twice on the road - yuck!

For this 3 day trip, I wore mostly:

TOP: my knee length zipper OJAY 2 textured coat - very warm and I got it on special from $200, down to $50! inside that I would wear something thermal such as a skivvy.
BOTTOM: black thick tight pants
SHOES: Coach sport shoes - which I got on a special in the USA at one of the many outlets hehehe
I bought this beige scarf (copied version of Burberry) in Hanoi street market years ago seeing that it was the thickest and largest on sale for $10.

I paired the shoes and scarf as one beige tone, and the rest of my attired was black, it worked out pretty well which didn't look too dull for such freezing days and not giving up on comfort

trying to smile after throwing up :|

It was beautiful in Strahan


 see that sickening winding road! :(

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