Friday, April 18, 2014

Patterned Specials

I've recently bought this pair black strappy sandal heels from Windsor Smith for $25 (bargain!), I've been eyeing this style for a while but haven't bought anything since I didn't want to pay too much for what I may not wear on a regular basis. They are made of leather with a golden plated heel.

Shopping Tip: personally I rarely buy anything at full price as I know "what goes around comes around" in fashion, something I like will eventually go on sale, especially my size (I'm XS in most clothing size and a 5AU/35 in shoes). Same would apply to you if you are petite or XL in shoes or clothing size. I would usually shop at Factory Outlets where most items are more then half price, or buy something that's "faulty" or oversize, as my Mum is an alteration genius! EBAY is my next platform and of course closing down/warehouse sales are the best

I'm also into vintage old styled items, hence I paired this with a flowy ankle length white with blue patterned print skirt, and a Louis Vuitton Yellow Epi Petit Noe. I bought this bag from a Japanese eBay seller for about $220AUD with shipping, I would only buy branded vintage items from Japanese sellers because it is illegal to sell fakes in Japan and there is a huge penalty for that type of trade in Japan. 

EBAY Tip: never rush into buying branded items, be patience, search around and only bid when you are happy to pay that price, hence I was on the look out for over 3 months, before I found something that nobody wanted to bid anymore for, don't get desperate and increase your budget out of the blue, there will always be another item. But in saying that it all depends on your luck and how many people are bidding. Goodluck with eBaying it's addictive!

To top this attire up, I wore a sleeveless lacy top with a white woolly button sweater to keep warm.


TOP: Lace sleeveless top - bought in Vietnam, H&M woolly button sweater
BOTTOM: Flowy white with blue pattern printed ankle length plaid skirt - bought for about $14AUD online, style inspired by the beautiful actress Fan Bing Bing
HEELS: Strappy sandal leather heels from Windsor Smith
Belt: Patent Salvatore Ferragamo
BAG: Louis Vuitton Yellow Epi Petit Noe

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