Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Where to buy Makeup in Asia (Hong Kong). Part 1

This is series haul of where to buy makeup in Asia (Hong Kong Part 1. & Vietnam Part 2.)

I have mentioned the following products in this video:
KAI eyebrow scissors
SASATINNIE - face mask
BIODERMA - makeup remover
CYBER COLOR - 24 HR 24 hr Eyebrow Duo -- DARK DROWN
KOJI - eyelash Curler #71
DOLLY WINK - liquid eyeliner
FAIRY DROPS - Platinum Mascara Water Proof Type (Platinum Black)

Most products can be bought in Hong Kong or online from:
SASA: www.sasa.com/
BONJOURHK: www.bonjourhk.com/en/main.aspx
COLORMIX: www.colourmix-cosmetics.com

I hope this helps for those who are travelling to Asia and Hong Kong

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