Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Casual Saturday

I must admit, working on Saturday is a drainer, but keeping it comfy and casual gives it a positive vibe. There is no uniform at my work place, so I've decided to go casual smart on weekends. Typically this is my Saturday work OOTD:

White cable knit skivvy (Uniqlo) - check the link, it's currently on special, really warm and comfy fit

Tanned fitted blazer (H&M) - Bought this in Malaysia and love how it's so fitted to my petite body

Fitted super slim jeans - my favourite jeans are those I find in Vietnam, no alterations required, and this is one of them

Over-sized Coat - this is so "IN" this season, got this on my Taiwan trip at a random street wear shop for $50 AUD, it's my favourite find of the year, it certainly doesn't look and feel cheap.

Vintage black leather belt with gold hardware (Casual Corner) - I've been on the hunt for a good quality thrifty XS belt, and I found this on eBay last year for $20, unfortunately this label has gone bankrupt since 2005 :(  

Vintage Stevens Bag with gold hardware - Made in Australia with genuine leather. A family friend was clearing out her closet (she's in her 60s, hence she's got a lot of vintage stuff), and she gave me this along with other bags. The bag fits all my necessities and wears comfortably to one side; yes also my beloved item at the moment. I like my other bags very much but it weighs me down after carrying them over a long period of time.

Wedged Heels (Nine West​)

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