Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lovely Lace

Dressing in lace and thinly strapped heels for a Medical Gala Night, I consider this appropriate for these kind of occasion. It's very similar to "Lover" the label french lace designs, and the best part is buying a nice dress for a bargain, this is a Portmans Lovely Lace dress, RRP is currently $129.95, it was on special for $65 because the zipper was broken, then Portmans DFO Essendon Store had a further 50% off sale on faulty items a few weeks ago.... my final bill was $32.50!

My mum has her own alteration business hence I'm always inclined to buy faulty bargains, because I get things fixed free of charge, though it does take a while to get it back into my wardrobe.

These size 5 Sandal heels from Windsor Smith were also the last pair in store so I got it for $25!

All in all bargains are not hard to find, but you got to be patient, seek and you shall find.

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