Sunday, March 10, 2013

Bopha Devi - One of Melbourne's Worst Restaurant

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While strolling down the Wharfs of Docklands, we saw “Bopha Devi” we’ve seen great reviews on Urban Spoon for this joint. We expected amazing authentic Khmer (Cambodian) Cuisine.

Have a look at what we had, and the prices we paid

 1st K'dom 15.50
Chicken and crabmeat rolled together in crispy bread (3 pieces)

3 spring rolls and sweet chili sauce – consisting of crab meat and chicken wasn’t all real fresh meat, it was mushy and floury,  after the first bite, there was a bitter after taste (tasted like bitter melon). You may not like it if you hate bitter tasting food

2nd Somlah Machou Kroeung $23.50
Spiced tamarind based soup with celery, capsicum and flavours of lemongrass, turmeric and kaffir lime lives, served with steam rice

SOUP – sweet sour soup overly loaded with celery and onion, some red and green capsicum with imported cheap FROZEN prawns! If I paid $23.50 for soup I would expect more for my buck. FAIL!

3rd  Dried Shrimp Salad $18.50
Shredded carrot and green papaya - it was too salty (as in salt and not salty with fish sauce), not sour enough nor chili enough. We couldn’t even finish half the plate

4th Steamed Prahok 21.50
Fermented salted-fish (prahok) is steamed with minced chicken, onion and egg. Once it is dressed with lemon juice and spiced to your liking with chilli, the steamed prahok is eaten with crunchy slices of carrots, cucumber, celery and steamed rice (GF)

Main – like fermented dried salted fish mixed with minced chicken and rice, this was considered BEST IN HOUSE MUST TRY… FAILED so badly, it wasn’t salty enough we added lemon to give it more of a hit didn’t work. There wasn’t enough fermented fish and too much chicken. In my culture we stole these ingredients from the Cambodian and we cook it with pork not chicken. This dish was so westernized it wasn’t authentic, should rename the dame dish to “minced chicken with spring onion & fish sauce)

WTH, our bill came close to $100 after drinks, I would never come back here.
The food is below ordinary, and the price is high in the sky.

Maybe the only good thing was the French accent waiter that served us, the food was overly priced, below average, not fresh, presentation wasn’t grand and this wasn’t authentic Cambodian food for sure.
If you don’t try how would you know? That’s our motto, but since we’ve tried, I can definitely say that we will never come back here again nor recommend it to anyone else. If this meal was great, I wouldn’t have complaint about the bill. I've had a heap of authentic food at a fraction of the cost.
4/10 (eatable but not worth it)

Enjoy the rest of your days… ladies and gents stay beautiful, healthy, wealthy and wise
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