Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Urban Decay Fake Naked Vs. Real Palette

There is fake URBAN DECAY NAKED PALETTE, please beware. The top palette is REAL (I bought this at ULTA US$48 before tax). The bottom is fake I got it on EBAY for $32. The ebay seller said that the palette was a LAHERON makeup special edition palette without the primer potion, but when I got it, boy it was such a disappointment. You can just feel it in the packaging, one is lighter and more fragile then the other.
When you see "LAHERON" or "NO PRIMER POTION" or "Limited edition", on the eBAY description, theres a 99% chance its fake, because there is no such thing

There’s more sparkle in the real palette and the colours are more vibrant and smooth, but in comparison the fake palette is very decent in pigmentation for its price

There were some great pigmentation in the fake palette especially the darker colours. Can you tell the difference if these colours were on your eyes?

The velvet on the real one is more smoother in texture and red brownish colour is more vibrant . The fake not as smooth. The NAKED gold font has more shiny and vibrant in comparison to the fake

The fake brush is significantly lighter in weight then the real. The bristles on the real brush is more pink the fake is whiter

I have not even used it, and the font has already rubbed off on the fake brush

left fake - right real

Hope that helped with "IS THERE FAKE URBAN DECAY?" the answer is YES! But fake or real the only significant difference is the lighter colours in palette, the brown velvet on the packaging, and the weight of the product.

Overall I think pigmentation for the darker colours in the fake palette is just as good as the real one as long as you have a good eye primer. If they weren't so lazy to redesign, repackage, rename and remarket this product properly instead of making a direct copy, this palette would sell like hot cakes!!

I've found the original website which sells all fake counterfeit, and this palette is ony $11.90, that is one of the cheapest nude natural eyeshadow palette I've seen on the market

Below is the site where you can purchase the fake palette:
I am not affiliated with this sit, just wanted to tell you makeup fans to be aware of buying fake counterfeit products from this site or if you find something this ridiculously cheap online there's a high chance it's FAKE


1st of all wait for the delivery of your palette

1. Log into paypal
2. Under the "My accounts" tab, click into "Resolution Centre"
3. Click onto "dispute a transaction" which is written inside a Yellow orangey box
4. chose "item dispute" - "continue"
5. Find your paypal reciept transaction ID # for that palette you've paid for, then copy that # into the "Transaction ID" Box, then click "find transaction ID" and "continue"
6. write down the reason for dispute
If you're lucky the seller might let you keep the fake palette and also refund you your money



  1. This has just happened to me. I bought the palette off eBay as it's not sold in Australia and I received the 'fake'. I've disputed it with PayPal, as I researched the palette for so long that I INSTANTLY knew it was a fake, and the seller has told me I'll be getting a full refund.
    I sure hope so!
    Thanks for this post though. I Googled 'fake Urban Decay Naked palette' as soon as mine arrived and this, featuring the palette I received, came up.
    - Sophie @ Born to Buy

  2. Great for commenting ladies!! I've added some extra info so if you want to know more about this palette feel free to question. Ta =D

  3. Thank you for posting this. I watched your video before i ordered my palette online, so i was aware not to buy any fake products. I resarched the website so i know i am buying the real thing.

  4. All the poor women who unknowningly buy these fake Chinese goods. Think the Chinese would worry about putting safe chemicals in their counterfeit goods? Am I being too hopeful?

  5. Thanks for the great post! I almost bought a fake one! Thanks again!

  6. Thank you so much for this helpful post! You saved me! :) Thanks again.. and have a nice day..

  7. hi i just wanted to ask a question i understand the whole thing about the replica naked palette its cheaper but not by urban decay ...and i have sensitive skin and have never wore makeup so i wanted to try the fake palette it wont break me out or anything right???

  8. Hi Girls,
    Just to let you all know that I ended up with a fake palette through Ebay as well, I was absolutely spewin when I realised as I had paid full price for a fake. Luckily I got a full refund. I thought while I waited for my new authentic one that I have ordered from that I would have a try of the fake and see how I went, a lot of people said that it was good even though it's fake. BEWARE I had the worst allergic reaction to this stuff. I suffer from hayfever but I have never had any allergies to any makeup what so ever, this stuff made my eyes water non stop, swell, itch and they were red for days until I realised that it was the eyeshadow causing the problem. I stopped using it and bam, allergies gone.